The Mountain Thief is not only a touching picture but an agent of philanthropy and plea for change Join


Join our efforts for The Mount Hope Project and
make a direct impact. Mount Hope Project

Randy Catonjay as Julio

Randy was born and raised in Payatas, Philippines. He has been picking trash for livelihood, since he was 12 years old. He is married with two kids. One of his kid, Ren-ren was born with a club-foot deformity. Because of the economic difficulty of living in the trash-collecting town, he was not able to send Ren for medical help to correct his son's deformity. Randy joined the acting workshop and was cast for the lead role, Julio. He performed well.

His dream was to have surgery done for his child. While we were trying to finish the film, we included a goal to raise money to perform surgery for Ren (part of The Mount Hope Project). With the help of the fans and supporters of the film, money was raised in July 2009. Randy's dream for his son to walk on his feet was fulfilled in October 2009.

He hopes to be able to give his children other options outside of scavenging for trash. Mount Hope Project

Richard Casas as Ingo

Richard was 7 years old when he joined our acting workshop and when he was cast to play the leading child actor for The Mountain Thief. He was born with hydrocephalous in Payatas, in the mountains of trash. He also has a visual impairment where he never had a medical examination for his condition. Through The Mount Hope Project, Ingo was able to have a medical examination, CT scan and a neurologic evaluation for the first time in his life.

He hopes for his family to have their own home and he hopes to go to school someday.

Join us in our efforts to make a difference. Mount Hope Project

Manuel Gonzaga as Ato

Manuel has lived in the mountains of trash since he was a kid. He started picking trash when he was 12-years old. He has a child and his hope is to have his own home and give his child other options outside of scavenging for trash. Manuel would like to pursue the arts and acting as well.

Join us in our efforts to make a difference. Mount Hope Project

Reynaldo Cinco as Simon

Reynaldo was born and raised in the Payatas dumpsite. He used to sell bottles of water for the scavengers when he was 8-years old. His hope is to learn to use the computer and to have an opportunity outside of scavenging for trash.

Join us in our efforts to make a difference. Mount Hope Project


The film was acted by scavengers from the Payatas dumpsite. An acting workshop was instituted in 2004, free of charge to the residents. It was an on and off process for 3 years until the time of production.

The residents from the dumpsite town mostly grew up there and some were born and raised there. They don't have a lot of options and THE MOUNT HOPE PROJECT intends to give them other options aside from scavenging for trash. Join our efforts and adventure! Make a direct impact on their lives.

  • Emily Magtangob
  • Ramir Sadang- Manong
  • Genaro Dulay Jr- Gener
  • Willy Sorio- Elmer
  • Gerald Galit- Padre Dumas
  • Maria Leonora Teresa Solis- Teray
  • Norife Dumanis - Tina
  • Carmelo Dela Pena - Bunsoi
  • Rammil Tapiador- Drug Pusher
  • Jordan Solis
  • Regina B. Villafranca
  • Anthony Lingo
  • Junior Dulay
  • Jeffrey Dumanais
  • Mac mac Acebuche
  • Arnold Haloc
  • Billy Asis
  • Eduardo Orbito
  • Arvin S. Haloc
  • Nilfa Galit
  • Emma Cinco
  • Kenneth Gonzaga
  • Vember J. Catonjay